Beautiful Forever

I am amused by some snow questions I get from my cousin who lives half-way across the world from me. He is curious about how it looks, how it feels to touch, if it makes a sound when it falls, and if it’s really as magical as it appears in the movies. “I bet it’s beautiful” he said to me.

I’ve wondered of the exact same things in the past when I used to romanticize about it. I had thousands of snow dreams and wide awake imaginings of it back when I still lived in the desert. It was in fact a major contributor to my decision to immigrate.

Thankfully, even after years of living with it I still have the same appreciation for snow. I still find that it beautifies everything it covers. Only now I am also fully aware that its beauty does not last forever. After its been trampled on it turns slushy and muddy. The once beautiful snow eventually turns to its yucky state and then it melts away.

I sent my cousin some photos of snow in its slushy and muddy condition. I told him how it really was pristine and beautiful but only for a time. It is one of those things in life that you have to pay attention to as it is happening to you. When you miss the opportune moment you miss the beautiful experience.

Diamonds get chipped. Roses dry up. Kisses end. Even stars die. Beautiful things do not remain beautiful forever. Time happens to everything. Time steals away beauty and locks it up in its memory. Time sounds mighty, doesn’t it? It may very well be, but it does not have that power over love. Because love is not time-bound. Time and timing are two different things entirely. Although timing is essential for true love, time itself is not.

That is why love remains beautiful forever. Love who is God. Nothing about Him changes because nothing needs to. He is perfect. He is beautiful forever.

What’s even more beautiful about it is that our beautiful God made that kind of beautiful love available to us, His beloveds. But we need to be aware that we have to deliberately factor out time from the equation. The great John Paul II once said “He who does not decide to love forever will find it difficult to love for even one day.” We are truly the ones who decide how much power we will allow time to have over us.

In the end, it will not be time who will take away the beauty of our love. It will be us. We steal that away from ourselves, we just have the bad habit of putting the blame on somebody else. The only way to fight strong for a beautiful love is to brave it through the test of time.

Time is mighty indeed – but only because we choose to be weak. You see the beauty of forever love doesn’t just happen to us. We actually create it. So we either get busy creating it moment by moment or we get busy finding ways to convince ourselves that it’s not our fault we lost it in the first place.

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