Circle of Six

It was supposedly just going to be a laidback gathering but it quickly turned into an intense discussion on the intolerance of the wrong and the rules that govern us. I am being asked on my take on things and I immediately recognized what was happening. I thought to myself ‘this circle of six I’m in is about to make a wiser me.’ I was hopeful of it.

And our little chit chat did not disappoint. I found myself expressing insights I realized I have thought of, likely, for the very first time. I wanted to bring out my tiny notepad and jot down pointers I am hearing from myself. The experience was bizarre. It felt like a part of me is being educated by another part of me, that looks like me and sounds like me, but is not really me. All throughout the evening, sigh after sigh, I thought to myself ‘I honestly did not know that I know that.’

I was quick to give credit to the One I know who is the real source of the inspiration. The One who has always simplified things for me. The One who has always restored my doubts into even deeper faith. The One who has always supplied me with desires that do not turn into fleeting feelings, steadfast enough to fill my innermost hunger. Nobody else could ever love me more than He. And the same goes for everybody…

God created everybody. There is nothing wrong with God’s design. He saw His creation and said ‘it was good’. It is only us humans who label the ones we consider defects. Sometimes we label ourselves. That in itself is a tragedy! But what’s even more unfortunate about it is that we believe the labels we put on ourselves no matter how exceedingly contrary it is to the personal revelation of our Maker.

And in our desire to be understood we label our feelings too in an effort to explain to other people the emotional motivation behind our choices. The danger in that is – when we mislabel we miscalculate, when we miscalculate we misevaluate, when we misevaluate we misunderstand, when we misunderstand we misjudge. Others and ourselves.

Can’t we just feel our feelings without having the need to name it? Surely we could just keep it organic. Free it from accompanying stereotypes that dictate what of it is a socially accepted behaviour and politically correct description. I’d rather keep it personal, not communal. How I feel is not open for public debate.

As I age, all the more I am observing that when I get my feelings wrong I end up sinning. Against my God, myself and my fellowmen. That’s why I keep my feelings unlabelled. The guideline to my standard is this – That when it comes to sin, the only one who has the right to condemn others is Jesus. And He REFUSED.

When the Lord looks at each of us He doesn’t see our issues. He sees us for how He created us – true, good, beautiful.

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