Do Love Justice

I sat at a wedding deep in my thoughts about how significant the moment I was in truly was. There were too many people pulling me in for photos but I was uninterested. I just wanted to bathe in my thoughts and reflect on the joy the occasion has brought to my heart. I wanted to capture the moment with my senses and let its grand simplicity envelop me.

I was one with the couple in rejoicing at the lasting commitment they made. But more than that, I felt grateful that they chose to do Love justice. They have shown how God-given love is to be properly celebrated. There is such a thing as proper when it comes to love. No matter how we try to deny it – the Giver of Love does have a preference.

Love comes from beyond ourselves. What that means to me is that we are not the ones to be celebrating it. We cannot appropriate to ourselves the criterion for what is proper, or correct, or right when it comes to Love. The criterion has already been set by He who gives it, by He who is Love Himself. He is to celebrate it for us. That’s what we are to rejoice about afterwards.

Vision is important in valuing Love. Hindsight into how we came to be and foresight into who are to be. The here and now is not the only thing that is important. The entire lifetime is. Not just of the lifetime we live in the flesh, but even of the one we will live beyond it.

We do not know what love is until we recognize who Love is. We do not know how to value love until we comprehend why it was given to us. We do not know what is proper for love until we grasp the profoundness of the privilege given to us to participate in the proliferation of it.

We were granted the freedom to take part in the fullness of it. Not just the aspects of it we agree with. Not just the portions of it that is comfortable to us. Especially not the deficient version of it we created to conform to our sub-standards. The truth we try to cover up is the reality that – if it is not all of it, then it can’t be it.

Decision is a term always associated to Love. But decision doesn’t mean option. Deciding to love means approval and agreement to the fullness of it. Even the pieces of it that remind us that we are to carry our cross for it.

Anything that is used for a purpose other than what its maker intended it for is abuse. I hope our world spares Love of that and do it justice all the time. But even if we don’t, Love will not deprive us of its fruits. Love will understand – that we are free to get it right just as we are free to get it wrong. That is why when lovers do Love justice, it is always a privilege to witness it. A blessing indeed!

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