Feet of Mine

I walked out into the chilly morning breeze. It was both a welcome and an objectionable sensation for me. It reminded me that winter is almost here again, which I like for the snowflakes that melt on my eye-lashes. But it will also take away, at least for a season, the joyfulness I get from traveling long distances on foot. Thankfully I still have a few weeks before I have to worry about that.

This recent spring and summer has me gaining some new insights about myself and this world I’m on because walking gave me the time and avenue I most needed for contemplation. I’m glad I took on this habit. Walking brings freedom, not just the sense of it, but the reality of it. Not just freedom to the body, but more so, freedom to the mind. I asked myself ‘If I am free to think anything, what would I think?’ Remarkably, there is no limit.

It all started with my desire to get to know the area I live in. I was intrigued about the roads that connect my house to my workplace and wondered if I could walk it. As it turned out I could. It takes almost two hours at my pace each way and about a liter of water. Fatigue hit me the first few days but then I noticed it was getting easier the more I do it. I was getting stronger.

Once my mind was off the fatigue my senses were able to focus on the moments that surround me – the beauty of everyday simplicity. I became more aware of the freedom that time has allowed for my consciousness but also mindful of the seemingly timeless dimension it invites me into. It allows me to feel the entirety of myself and realized I could set my mood to the tune I choose to hear in my head and have it be the beat I walk to. I found such grace in traveling on foot. It gave me the opportunity to travel into my own being.

I realized that I like spending time with myself. I like the thoughts I have, the insights I hold in my mind, the inventory of things that I appreciate and the things I don’t, and the fact that nobody else knows that but me. I like being a created being, being connected to the wonderful one web of nature, as well as having a beginning and an end to look forward to that only leads to a new beginning…

I discovered I am good with being uncomfortable and understood it is likely why people who are not are uncomfortable being around me. I discovered I can only progress at my own pace and understood only I will be willing to keep up with that and accept that all is well with that.

I looked at my rather mannish feet and thanked the Almighty for having designed it able to take me where I am most free. And just when I thought I already know me I learn there is more of me to discover. Luckily, summer will come around again. So feet of mine, brace yourselves…

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