My God believes

What a morning! The messages I woke up to got me enthused for the day quicker than usual. I habitually wait till late to respond to faith issues on group discussions, but this one I just couldn’t pass up. It seemed so complicated, but like with all matters concerning the God of love, it actually wasn’t.

Only man-made rules complicate love. And man-made rules only apply to man-made love. And if it is man-made, it is not love. Whatever it is, it is dismaying. It tells us to “behave” a certain way to prove that we “believe” what others believe so we will be allowed to “belong” where they belong. Those apply in a ballgame. But not with love. Love is not a game.

And God is not a task master. He did not send Jesus to dictate what-to and what-not-to do. Jesus is not about controlling us. He is about loving us – even if we do not meet the criteria set by people who are only as lost as we are…

Facing the consequences of our poor choices bring healing, not shame. Admitting to our wrong doing brings freedom, not guilt. Jesus wants for every sinner to be healed and be set free. Jesus wants the broken to be built-up again.

The Scriptures is not about rules. It is about a person. One who gave His all. One who actually treated the sinners with respect and honored their desire to be restored. We do not earn God’s love. We do not have to qualify for it. It is ours. It is free. And we are free to become it.

Yes. To become it. This world made us think that Love is something we possess or give or do. It is not. It is really “someone” we become. When asked “What do you want to be when you grow up?” We didn’t say Love, did we? How unfortunate that is!

What most of us fail to realize is that He loved us before we were us. He loved us before we existed. He loved us before He even thought of creating us. In truth, He created us that He may love us with not just His thoughts and His words – He wanted to love us with His all.

Some people call it stupidity to “stay” when there’s a likelihood of having a loved-one hurt you another time. We all fall and fail and disappoint many times over. God never quits on us. No one thinks Him stupid for it. Because it is not stupidity to not give up on love. It is hope.

The Jesus I know believed I am worth it. I find nothing complicated about that. In fact, it is simple enough to me. Love has nothing to do with what I believe, it is only about what my God believes and what He went through so willingly to prove it.

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