Irma of Christ

I distinctly recall reading about how a Saint once said that we don’t really need to like people in order for us to love them. Oh but Irma, I like. And that makes the loving her part easy.

My most recent and fresh discovery of myself is that I’ve developed a liking towards people who talk about their blessings more than they talk about their problems. She is one such person. But what I appreciate more is the way she talks about her blessings in a manner so nonchalant that it always sounds so courteous and agreeable.

I have, not too long ago, told her that she is one of the very few people I know who keeps love simple and makes loving easy. She didn’t try to get into my brain. Instead, it seemed to me, that she was earnest about understanding what’s in my heart.

I do not know why she, so suddenly, impacted me beyond what’s common between friends who support each other. She registered to the depths of me no one else has reached before. I will be leaving a big part of it out if I didn’t say my admiration of her self-sacrifice made what was supposedly usual so extraordinary. This encounter is so new to me. I’m still trying to process it.

I guess timing played key. Kind of like the impact of the obtainability of water in times of drought. Timing does need to be proper because that’s only when it truly counts. And when it counts it matters. And when you are loved for what’s in your heart, that will always be reassuring.

As I see my friend in a different light I also begin to pray for her in a different degree of peacefulness. Somehow I just know that the esteem I put her in will always be dwarfed by God’s viewpoint of her. He values her even more. He yearns for her good even more. He desires for her joy even more.

They say that God plants a seed of love in our hearts for every person He brings to our lives. Perhaps now I am experiencing her seed bloom in my heart. It caught me off-guard. In my amazement of it I seem to hear God say “Why are you so surprised? Of course she is wonderful. She’s mine!”

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