Losers win

I played bowling with friends yesterday in celebration of Tatay Emil’s birthday. I got the lowest score and I still went home a winner. What a joy that was to me!

Being the lowest scorer didn’t disappoint me at all. I always allow myself to be viewed as a beginner in my very own eyes so that I free myself from self-imposed expectations. I never want to be too hard on myself. My best doesn’t really need to be enough, it just needs to be my best.

I’ve heard too often that “it’s not about winning or losing, it’s about how you played the game.” Honestly, only losers find comfort in that, I never hear that from the winners. To me it’s not even about how I play the game, it’s really about who I play with. We are only as good as those we are fighting next to. I was lucky to be on Tatay Emil’s team, who just happens to be a bowling champ.

I approach my life pretty much the same way. I’ve got to be on the side where victory is assured. Otherwise, why else would I fight? Of course winning matters. Nobody fights to lose.

I’ve won life battles people know nothing about. Things I’m not even good at. That’s why I know that my skill doesn’t matter as much as who I have fighting alongside me. I rely on the Lord. I hold myself to a standard of His grace and not my illusion of perfection. God ensures my success in accordance with His plan not mine.

My heart is a battlefield. Too many forces want it. But the power of my free-will determines who gets to win it. God wants my heart because I am precious to Him. The enemy wants it because he just wants to take it away from God. It is obvious who I should give my heart to.

In the grand scheme of things, it is not about what we can do ourselves, but who God is willing to be for us. Which leads me to think about how the world makes way too many ridiculous assertions on who gets to heaven and who doesn’t. Ayayay! My guess is we’d be surprised to see there the people the world decided wouldn’t make it in.

You see, our inheritance of heaven has nothing to do with our worthiness and everything to do with God’s unfathomable Divine Mercy. It’s not the good people that get to heaven, it’s the forgiven sinners that do. Much like losers like me who still could end up winning.

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