MOMents: Can we just stop the time?

A follow up from my previous post, I am just seriously in awe at how fast the time flies. My little one who I used to carry all the time now does not want to be carried or cuddled in public, and she’s just 6! Yep! She feels embarrass, shy or whatever, but yes, I sometimes can’t force her to kiss me anymore. ;-(

Today, since it’s the weekend and if we really don’t have any plans set, we always ask her where she wants to go and what she wants to do, and surprisingly she asked to go to a salon! Yep! Because she wanted to cut her hair short but with a condition of NOT touching her bangs/fringe 🙂 jeez! Kids these days!

I told her when I was at her age, I am not allowed to make decisions on how my hair should be styled. 😆 I remember our Mom does not want our hair cut short and my grandma decides if I’ll have pig tail, a pony tail, half pony or just a clip. But kids these days I notice are becoming more mature; faster than during my time (80’s).

The other day, she and her very close friend who is just a year older made plans of meeting on a weekend to go somewhere. Ha! Not even asking their parents first but yea, I can just imagine them hanging out together soon all by themselves at the mall or the salon or having coffee. OMG! Erase that! They’re too young and I think I’ll be a magnet that will follow my little one everywhere she go. 😉

She loved her haircut and can’t stop looking at the mirror and touching her hair. he he he. 😉

That two front teeth is about to fall by the way, they’re very wiggly now and I told her she’ll look funny when it falls out (silly mommy!) but she answered me, No! Mommy i’ll still look cute, see? (while looking at the mirror practicing how she’ll smile). 😉

Everyday, she say or do something that makes me wish for time to stop. I want her to baby forever but at the same time, I can’t wait to see her grow, enjoy life and watch her achieve all her dreams too.

MOMents like this are surely something we should not miss. Everyday, we parents, especially mommies I think, should spend quality time with our child/ren. Let’s make them our best friends so they wouldn’t have to look for someone else to hang out with. ha ha ha!

Ah! The joy children brings to our lives. As the motto says,


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