Beggar in me

If begging well is a God-given skill then I am very happy to say I finally have a talent! When from scriptures I learned of “ask and ye shall receive” I took that on as a serious promise from the highest heavens. I never doubted it.

For a cause I believe in well enough to advocate for then I have no qualms about soliciting favors and asking for help for. I don’t know if it’s a good thing to admit to or not, but I am really over confident about God’s generosity. Somehow I know that all I really need to do is ask, knock and seek. The more difficult task of opening hearts will always be God’s undertaking.

My begging confidence comes from knowing that everything belongs to God and that God desires to give His best to me. God could never be outdone in generosity. If I find someone I’d like to help, I instantly know that God wants to help that person a gazillion times more. So even when I have none of my own resources to give, I know that God would lead me to someone who does who may only be waiting to be asked.

It is not without challenges but I pray that I remain open to begging for others. Though my appeal may fall on deaf human ears there will always be someone in the heavens who would listen and set things into motion. Prayer does work. It moves the hand that moves the world.

God already knows I am very impressed at His marvelous ways of making things happen, and yet He shows off all the more. I know God is never short on creativity for the many ways He wants to share His victories with me. It excites me.

I remember the odd times when I was asked to describe myself in one word and I scrambled to come up with an answer that best suited me. I know now that ‘beggar’ would definitely be my word. If it is true that I have Christ’s image and likeness within, then it probably is the beggar in me…

… the beggar in me who always trusts that God will never leave His channels empty.

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