Tragic non-attempt

Not that my prayers are still needed, but, every day I pray for God to unfold a love story. I rejoice for that pair of hearts who will find each other on that God-appointed day. Two people who will courageously remove the entire world from the complicated equation of love and simplify it to “you, God, and me” and get it right. Two lovers who will dive in, head first, all in, fearless.

I say head first. Coz although you can’t think your way into love, you still have to lead your heart more than follow it. There is no intellectualizing love. There’s only the braving it. And brave always begins with what you choose to think.

The prospect is scary for some because love will change us. And change is never without sacrifice. It’s the total outpouring of self that is most terrifying because our selfish world made us believe that we always have to save some for ourselves. But that’s not what the giver of love who is Love Himself asks of us. He said “love one another as I have loved you” then with outstretched arms He embraced the cross. Giving all of Him, holding nothing back, totally emptied Himself for love of us. There is no other way to love.

Every day that I pray for God to unfold a love story I always add a special request that He let it be of the people close to me. I pray that He not only unfold a new one, but that He also heal the broken ones that are afraid to try again. While our feelings may be good, strong, beautiful, and must be respected, it still only tells us how we feel. It does not tell us the truth. Healing needs for us to rise above the feelings that hinder us from seeing the truth. The truth that love is worth giving our all for – many times over.

We have to believe that God wants us to be happy more than we want it for ourselves. That is why He is asking to take charge. God is the only one who can change our hearts so He gave us the next best thing – the ability to reprogram our mindsets at will. Our heart is in God’s timeclock, but our mind is in ours. So if we decide to love now, forgive now, begin again now, we should be able to.

The problem is we wait till we feel like it. Feelings you see, they are kind of like thunder, so slow, always late. Like lightning, God’s light always gets to us first – so we can lead our heart. What we fail to recognize is we have to take God’s leading first, then eventually, our emotions will catch up with our decision.

The wise say “the tragedy is not that things are broken – the tragedy is that things are not mended again.” I could not agree more. It is indeed tragic that people are afraid to give the “same love” another go. It’s not even about trying harder. It’s simply about trying again.

There is enough love for the whole world – but second chances? – ahh that is a special grace especially reserved only for the truly brave!

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