Poker face to eternity

I was told “the enemy always fights the hardest when he knows that God has something great in-store for us.” My initial reaction to that was “who the hell leaked out that kind of heavenly information to the opponent’s camp?” In truth? No one!

God having a plan and a purpose for each of us is no secret to anyone. He declared it so when in Jeremiah 29:11 God said “for I know the plans I have for you…” The problem is, we do not believe in it strong enough. The enemy does. I bet the enemy camp devised a counter plan on how to take each of us off our God-ordained paths.

The enemy doesn’t need for anybody to squeal God’s plans to him. The enemy knows the scriptures perhaps better than any of us. He has all the time in the supernatural world to study it AND to study us. He would know simply by watching us closely and by listening to us intently. Through our reaction to situations he gets to know about our weaknesses. Through our repetitive complaints he gets to know our prejudices. Through how we use our time and how we invest our resources he gets to know what could get us addicted. Through our exhibition of irrational fears he gets to know what leads us to doubt. He reads us like a book and studies us until he masters us. And what he knows – he can use.

So we wonder why the very things that infuriate us keep happening to us. We wonder why the very people that irritate us keep resurfacing in our day-to-day. We wonder without knowing that it is us who hand off to the enemy the very strategy he uses on us. The enemy knows what works because he has used it many times over. And he will keep using it for as long as WE let it work. Yes. The power to combat its usefulness is within us.

If only we would wipe the smirk off our face. If only we would quiet the agony in our voice. If only we would endure our suffering in silence. We don’t need to voice out every disgust or react to every annoyance. Instead of using our ‘call a friend’ lifeline to narrate all our dilemma why not fight our battles on our knees. Tell only God. Nobody else really needs to know. God who sees everything and knows our hearts will send rescue when necessary. We must highlight only our joys. The rest we can poker face to eternity.

We’ve got to stop giving the enemy bullets he can use to injure our faith, murder our relationships, and throw us off course. We could smile through the adversities, find purpose in our pain, and find beauty even in the ugliest of situations. If we keenly look for the good in the people we dislike and purpose in our every trial, chances are, we will find it. Everyone has goodness. Everything has purpose.

Sometimes I feel like we make it so easy for the enemy to take us down. Our foe doesn’t deserve it easy. In fact, he doesn’t deserve us.

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