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I used to be a k-drama addict until I gave birth. Probably one reason (which I believe) why my daughter is always mistaken as Korean. 😉

So finally we were able spend our spring break in Seoul and I would say that this is one memorable trip we’ve had. First because I’ve always wanted to visit South Korea since 10 years ago but have travelled to different countries instead. I really don’t know why?! Ha! Second, because my daughter really had soooo much fun. Happier than when we were in Disney I think? And finally, because it gave me a reason to love Korea even more. 😉

The City: Seoul

It’s a beautiful vibrant city. We stayed in Myeongdong area as suggested by my Korean-addict sister. Who else should I ask but her who kept coming back to Korea since her 1st trip and even stayed there for a month at one point?! ;-P

She warned me that it’s a walking city so I better prepare a comfy shoes and my legs for a lot of walking around. And indeed she was right! I don’t really felt tired though because I loved what I see, the weather is wonderful (chilly but bearable) and the people are all beautiful.

Our itinerary does not consist plenty of their palaces because it’s more of an activity for my daughter and us to enjoy nature and foodtrip. We visited Gyeongbokgung Palace though and Hanok Village.

I love each time of our walking around the city watching the people. It’s like I’m watching k-drama live lol.

The People: Koreans

How cute are they? They are all beautiful. Though many cannot speak English, they still try their best to show us the right direction by speaking in their own language, showing us the map from their own phone or walking with us (literally) until our destination. I find them really accommodating. We got lost couple of times and had to ask for help almost daily. Tee hee! At one point, a motherly aged woman approached us as we looked like we’re trying to figure out how to exit from the metro with my daughter sleeping on the buggy. She pressed the ‘help’ button from that long stairs, speak in Korean and smiled bidding us farewell. After sometime, a young good-looking man came to help hubby carry the buggy 2 floors up! 😉

The best was when we got lost in Gapyeong J It’s an hour or more far from Myeongdong since we visited Nami Island. I was really really stressed. It was getting late plus raining, my daughter is soooo tired and no one from that station even the security personnel can speak English. But after half an hour, lo and behold an angel in disguise came J her English name is Esther. A Korean who studied English in the Philippines for two years, love the Philippines and literally love as he has a Filipino BF J and was so ecstatic when she learned we were Filipinos. tee hee! She rode with us until our location stop, to the point that she missed her own metro line. That’s how far the Koreans can go in helping.

They love dressing up and make-ups. This is noticed most especially during our metro adventures. Most of the ladies are putting make-up, fixing their hair or their dresses. J I love their fashion. Pretty unique! Even men are very fashionable. I think because I love chinky eyes, I find all men I saw there handsome, no matter what age. 😆

The Food

OMG! Need I say more? You have to go there to rate it. Steak and Scallops on the street? Yes please! I love Myeongdong street. It’s jam-packed come 2 pm onwards. And it’s a must visit when in Seoul. I swear!

If you’re fed up with the street food, there are plenty of restaurants around too that offers a very reasonably priced good-food. I heard though that Myerongdong became very expensive since it’s a shopping district so other Koreans suggest to visit other places to try different restaurants.

We visited one restaurant when we’re at Hongdae, near the University and it’s one of the best we had while in Seoul. I just forgot what we had lol but it’s mild spicy bbq type ha! Just go and try it out. Our pics below. 😉

I noticed Koreans love ice cream even on a cold cold day as well as hanging out at a Café. OMG Starbucks is everywhere along with Coffee Bean. There were plenty of local café too but we didn’t get to try them.

Getting Around

Their public transportation is very good. The buses are on time and well maintained; even metro’s are not packed. My daughter gets to try public transpo only when we travel so this is part of the trip that she enjoyed very much.  There were cabs but we didn’t need to use them since there are metro and buses anyway and most of the places we visited are walking distance from the stations.

We went to Namdaemun and I was soooo tired of walking we wanted to take a bus. When we asked 1 gentleman at the bus station he smiled and said your destination is just across the street. LOL. For us though, it’s like far because going to Namdaemun, we took a metro. he he.

The Weather

We came during spring time so it’s a very nice weather and I think I’ll visit them again during this time. It’s chilly but manageable. It rained on our last 2 days which is good as we don’t really get a lot of rain here in the sandpit so my daughter loved jumping the muddy puddles.

          We had to buy this cover bec. our nose                                             were freezing 🙂

I was told that a visit during autumn is also nice.

Korea is clean and because they are surrounded with lots of trees, the air is fresh. I really love it.

More stories on my next posts. 😉


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