MOMents: Confessions of a Nanny-less Working Mom

It’s been more than 5 months that we’ve been living without a nanny. Wow! How time flies? I feel like I’m wonder woman for surviving that! J

My husband and I work full time 8 hours a day, sometimes more when needed. Especially my husband who works from home every single day (after his normal working hrs) and even weekends sometimes. (some bosses are simply very unkind)

This is the 1st time that we have no house help. Ever since we got married, there’s always someone with us who do the chores like washing clothes, ironing (most especially), cooking, dishwashing and cleaning the house. When we moved to our own house until almost 6 years later, we always have a nanny to look after the house when we’re at work, take care of our little one and of course do the chores and ensure there’s dinner ready when we reach home. Even when I was a child, there’s always a guardian who do most of the chores though I know some of it especially that I grew up with my grandma. J

I bake sometimes but I don’t know how to cook, I mean, just really not interested in learning. J Frying egg is no issue though. J Now, I learned how to sautee lol and prepare a salad. When we’re just new to having no house help, we counted on deliveries, take aways and just sleeping without dinner. lol

The toughest part of having no nanny is having no one to look after our little one after her early out from school. It’s just too tiring for her to stay with me in the office after school and wait for 2 hours or so before I finish work or go to my mom’s house which is a bit far then I pick her up in the afternoon and combat the traffic home. Good thing we met a neighbor whose daughter attends the same school and class as mine. She willingly and of course their nanny (at a minimal fee), agree to look after my daughter at their home after school then I pick her up from their house which is just  few buildings away within our residential community.  This works best as we still reach home early and enough time for cleaning, dinner prep, homework and washing up.

I swear there are days that I just immediately doze off as soon as my back hits the bed. The feeling of mentally tired from work and then physically tired from doing all the household chores sometimes is just too much for me. I deactivated my FB and don’t spend much time on social media anymore. I don’t even talk to friends that much or catch my fave TV series or have my used to be bi-weekly me-time at the salon. No complaints though as I think I’m liking this kind of lifestyle better. Simple, quiet and I’m learning so much.

So I’m sharing with you what I’ve learned so far and some tips too:

  • Cooking is easy. Start with the basics and don’t be shy to ask for tips. Youtube is there any time you need new recipe to try/follow, how to’s and even reviews.
  • There’s no perfect recipe (for me) so don’t be scared to try invent your own. Here’s a sample of my buffalo wings. 😉
    Easy: Flour + pepper + salt. Butter + Hot Sauce.

    It also helps to save videos of cooking recipe from Tasty 🙂

  • Easiest plus healthiest dinner is salad. So make sure you always have mix greens available, egg if you want to add, croutons and lemon. You can drizzle olive oil, pepper and salt which I know is always available in any kitchen pantry.
  • Cleaning is one of my passion I think. 😆 I cannot stand having a messy house so I clean every day no matter how tired I am. I notice that if you do this, your weekend is then all yours to enjoy with your family. Friday is our time brunching or breakfast outside, watch a movie and play time with the little one.
  • I created, printed and framed a checklist for our toilet and bathroom. A simple reminders for my dear husband, little one and guests too, not to forget flushing, keep sink dry, hang the towels, tissues in the bin, etc. J
  • JIF and downy is my best friend. Never let your cleaning tools ran out of this.
  • Hire a cleaner to do major cleaning of balconies and bathroom once in two weeks. J Husband does (2) car cleaning every week so he has no time for this (says him).
  • I’m lucky to have a husband who cook and iron. J
  • Keep a routine. Now that my daughter goes to afterschool care, I make sure I leave office on time, pick her up and immediately when home, throw in the sink our lunch boxes J and prep for dinner. She knows how to change herself to home dress and also knows that mommy becomes a monster when it’s messy so school bag and shoes goes to where they should be. J I then start my aftie clean-up of sweeping and mopping the floor. Dusting furniture with my fave lavender scent pledge is done every other day. J
  • Wednesdays are for washing clothes (my responsibility) and Thursdays are ironing day (hubby’s).
  • Fix the bed as soon as you wake up. This will become a routine you won’t even notice you’re doing it every day.
  • Despite being busy, always spend time with your child to talk about how her day was (I do this every day while in the car going home & in the morning on the way to her school) and spend time at home too watching her fave tv show/movie before wash-up and bed time.
  • There’s nothing wrong being OC. You just have to accept that not all people are like you. So feel free to clean up if they don’t. lol
  • Cleaning the house can help you lose weight. Seriously. Trust me on this! 😉
  • You will sometimes reach a point where you want to give up and feel like:When you do. Just stop and pray.

I feel like my daughter is me when I was younger. I grew up seeing my grandmother non-stop cleaning, dusting and fixing everything at home. Now my daughter sees the same in me. The other day she told me, “Mommy I love our house because it’s clean. Thank you for that.”  That simple statement just eases all the tiredness I feel.  Last night while brushing her teeth, she opened the faucet so low that there’s hardly water coming out. I asked her why, she said: so that it will not splash and not be messy. J

Salute to all working and stay-at-home mothers out there!


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