Family Activities and FoOdventure: Valentines Day Brunch

I hope you all had a wonderful day celebrating the special day of LOVE. 😛

I used to be really enthusiastic when Valentines Day come. I look forward to the cheesy messages, romantic cards, bouquet of roses,  box of chocolates, a plush toy, etc. 😆 But I guess when you’re growing older, these things really don’t matter anymore, especially if you’re a mother. I spent the whole day of ‘the’ Feb. 14 with my little one and I really really enjoyed it a lot. Much as her enjoying the games and prizes she won at Magic Planet, having her favourite frozen yogurt after our lunch date and spending some playtime with her friend in the afternoon, I too felt really happy and contented. Seeing my daughter happy is everything to me. Just nothing compares to it.

Not that the husband didn’t plan for anything, in fact I woke up with these on our living room:

I love flowers. 🙂 I make sure I always have fresh flowers on our dining table. I love orchids too, it always reminds me of our garden back in Cavite Philippines where different orchids and flowers decorate the entire place. That is when my grandma used to be healthy and spends most of her time talking to the flowers/plants we have 😀 She said that is actually the secret for keeping a healthy garden.

So anyway, hubby gave me this beautiful moth orchid – in my favourite color of course. 3 red roses for our little one and a floral box with my Cath Kidston bag. Besides flowers and dark chocolates, I also love bag. 😆

We were supposed to go out for dinner but I opted to stay at home since we have an early call for work the next day. I ended the Vday with my loves having a quick dinner at Paul Café which is now our go-to-café for an afternoon tea by the way. 🙂 Of course, I wouldn’t let this year pass without us really celebrating VDay so I booked a brunch for us for the weekend. 😛

It’s a first time for my dear husband to dine at Anise, InterCon DFC whilst it’s my 4th already since my previous bosses love this place so much, we frequent this for farewell lunch/dinner. 😛

I learned that the eight live cooking stations is modeled on the eight points of the star anise 🙂 cool! They offer an extensive international buffet, and if you love seafood, I really suggest this place. Of course, the station that I kept visiting is the ‘Japanese’ and ‘Seafood’ section. 😛

They even have Foie gras, a luxury food that I don’t like. 😆 A lot of mussels, clams, oysters, scallops and prawn. If you’re into meat, there’s a section for steak and lamb. The husband is sooo happy because all his favorite food is here. As for my little one, she enjoyed the dessert section (of course!)  that offers gummy bears, choco fountain, ice cream, jellies, etc.

Each table has a bunch of cards with your table numbers. You use this when you want something prepared for you from all the stations. You don’t have to wait standing there for your order, just tell them what you want, give the card and they’ll deliver it to your table. One thing I like compared to other restaurants.

The ambience is also nice with plenty of natural lighting. Bit cold though when we were there, as adding to the already cold weather outside, they have ice sculptures too. The waiters are also friendly and accommodating. All in all this is a nice place to spend with friends and family. As they say, the fondest memories are made gathered around the table. 😉

We ended our brunch with a bowl of choco, coffee and pistachio ice cream. Yep, an ice cream during a cold weather. Why not? It’s ice cream!

After our brunch, we picked up mom and went to Dragon Mart. Though the weather is bad, I still forced them to go here since I have a list of things I needed to buy for my little one’s 6th birthday party. I will be blogging that separately. 😆

It’s been a while since mom visited our home and prepared dinner for us, so that’s a special ender for our day to have dinner with mom’s home cooked meal. 🙂




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