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When I was young I never thought eyebrows will be this important! 😆 Since plucking became in, you will see most women having the thinest eyebrow ever with some arch shape or some looking like they are always surprised. tee hee! I started plucking my eyebrow in Senior High hence our group were called ‘Pluckers’ :). Since then my eyebrow just didn’t grow with a nice shape so now…obviously, as in all other women out there, shaping my eyebrow has become a daily routine. Gosh!

I happen to pass by a stand at one of the malls here and found this Chelsea Boutique who sells eyebrow stencils. Thought this is the easiest way to shape my eyebrow especially in the morning when I’m always in a hurry for office. 😆

So the package consists of a stencil – 5 different shapes, tweezer, brush and of course the powder – depending on which color you like. This really helps especially if you’re in a hurry. But sometimes I still prefer shaping my eyebrows manually simply because until now, I cannot really align the stencil together lol so you know having your right eyebrow higher than left or the other way around. 😆 Maybe I really need to practice during the weekend.

I’ve tried using the Vivid, Elegant and Natural shape. All looks good but my fave is the Vivid Shape.

A lot of beauty clinics do offer tattoo these days (I heard) but I still cannot gather strength to get one. 🙂 Plus I know it’s a bit pricey too. I wish someone can invent a painless tattoo at a very affordable price.

Anyways, I’ll be practicing this coming weekend for sure. As they say, eyebrows speaks louder than words:)

For more info about the product, check them here.



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