MOMents: DIY adding shelves

Hello there!

I know all of us at one point in our lives whether during our dormitory days or on your first own apartment, somehow thought of adding more shelves to organise our stuff. 😉 Well, that has always been me. I’m kind of OC when it comes to my own things and ‘others’ tee hee,  especially when my little reese came. I always want to add shelves, on all our cupboards and dresser. Which I did just weeks after we moved in our new apartment.

Here in Dubai, all kitchens and bedrooms have built-in cupboards/cabinets and most of it have plenty of space to add more shelves. I have been watching a lot of ‘hacks’ and it just inspire me to start experimenting on my own. And also, learn to measure again ha ha ha!

Thankfully, ACE and IKEA is close to my home. So for the past weekends, it has been my fave shopping desti. 😆

I first organised our bedroom cabinets and added shelves where I can put my bags, reese’s toys and stuff. Since they don’t have white wood available, I bought the brown one – not the strongest but it can manage the weight of the dresses and bags. I forgot what you call that ‘wood’ but it’s really cheap, way cheaper than the white shelves I bought for the kitchen.

Since it’s brown, I bought a decorative tape I can cover it with. I kept looking for white adhesive to match the other shelves in the cabinet but I can’t find anything — until after, I remember the white adhesive my hubby used for our mini cooper which was just lying in one of the kitchen cupboards.

It did look good though, right?

Then I started fixing the kitchen cupboards. Below are the only photos I have as I was too excited to fix it. 🙂

All the cabinets by the way already have pin shelf holes so even I can do it. You just need to buy those pins which is very cheap and can be found in ACE or any construction shops I guess.

I must’ve got it from my father who is really good in fixing stuff like this and very organise too. Add to that my grandma who cleans and organise everything around the house daily. 😆

As you can see, no need for me to cover this shelves as I manage to buy a wood exactly the same as what is already provided. I just gave one of the ACE attendant the measurement I need and they did the cutting for me. Extra wood is taken home and I’m still thinking what to do with it.

I plan to make tables but when I saw ACE sells a piece of table leg for AED 150++, I backed out 😆 it’s pretty expensive I think so I will check some other shops what can customise a table leg for me. I already have something in mind and I hope I find it at Dragon Mart (will post a separate entry about this shopping mall).

So far that’s my progress. I don’t want to share the toy cabinet I painted white tee hee! It’s awful! I need to practice painting too. 😉

I will share with you soon the table once it’s done and feel free to share with me other DIY’s you are doing too. 😆

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