Random Thoughts: Nom Nom Asia Restaurant

I love how #mycity #mydubai is doing so much for its residents. For this year 2017, His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the UAE has declared it to be the ‘Year of Giving’. How cool is that?! Makes me even more proud to be living here in the sandpit.

There will be plenty of initiatives in line that will for sure happen during this year. Makes me excited to witness and of course join and contribute in own little way. To start with, we cleaned up our closets and donated old clothes and toys. 😉

But what I really wanted to blog about is the news that went viral here in UAE about a restaurant that offers free lunch to job seekers. Dubai for me is a city where your dreams can come true IF you will work hard and be wise in spending your hard earned money. 😆 The same with other places, there are job seekers around town who is still waiting for that ‘right’ job for them.

This restaurant called “Nom Nom Asia” is offering free combo lunch to any job seeker, on any day of the week. J  They have a ‘small’ note in their restaurant that says you can come back to pay them when you can – anytime! Isn’t that great?!

I heard one of the owner’s interview at Virgin Radio the other day and he said they (with his partner) thought about this because they know the feeling of being hungry and having to think carefully whether to spend the money on food or just save it. I really think that people who pays it forward are those who knows the feeling of having ‘nothing’ and I guess we, at one point in our lives, have experience this. Except maybe those born with a golden spoon.

I really like this initiative as it gives our job seekers hope and of course help them save the little money they may have for their transport fares to attend interviews or maybe just save it for another day of dinner/breakfast.

Since this news went viral, the people visiting their restaurant paying or non-paying have tripled AND there were also plenty who actually came back to pay for the lunch given to them at the time they were fed for free. This is very touching and I wish many restaurant owners will do this, not only here in UAE but all over the world. That will surely lessen the hungry people. And it’s true that when you give/help other people, the feeling is just pure bliss. It gives you a purpose in life and continue doing the good deeds.

I haven’t tried eating at Nom Nom Asia yet but I will definitely visit them soon. They have 2 branches – Karama and Barsha Heights. They offer South East Asian cuisine and I just checked their menu, very very affordable. http://www.nomnomasia.com/

God bless and thank you to Nom Nom Asia owners. Continue spreading happiness around.

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