Lola Idang’s Original Pancit Malabon ATBP.

I was on my way to my employment agency one day, riding a tricycle, when I saw this place. It was a small restaurant alongside other stores in one building at Lopez, Sucat, Paranaque City. It was almost lunch time then and I was feeling kinda hungry because of the heat and traffic that I braved trying to get to my agency’s office. So i told myself, after my business at the agency that I will have my lunch there. And I’m glad I did.

img_20160923_043943The thing that made me decide to dine here is because of the pancit malabon stated on the signage, and I’ve never tried or knew their take on the famous all time fave pancit malabon. So after my business at the agency, I hurriedly went to check the place out. It was a small space but homey. It gave a relaxed ambiance despite the busy city outside its windows.

received_10155214049724488  I was greeted and assisted by a friendly staff, who promptly took my order. I took a seat near the counter so i can get to see what other items they had on the menu. Aside from different kinds of pancit, they have items from silogs to rice meals to soup based dishes to tokwa’t baboy. The prices were not that bad too. They also have home made puto and pichi-pichi, and other home made spiced vinegar, fish sauce and Spanish style sardines.

img_20160902_122550                   img_20160902_122544                                   img_20160902_122459

As I sat down I was given a cold glass of water. I badly needed that because of the heat outside. (thank you ate! =) ) My order of a single serve pancit malabon came to my table in less than 10 minutes, which made me happy because I was really hungry. hehehehe

received_10155214061829488The serving size was a pretty good portion for me. Not too too much, not too little, just right for 90 pesos worth. I was happy to see traditional toppings on it too. So i squeezed as much juice as I can from the calamansi and started digging. First thing that came to mind, the noodles were a little bit under-cooked. Just a little under-cooked that the al dente texture that I prefer, so I paid little mind to it. But the sauce was amazing! It was really yummy. It can pretty well compete with Amber’s sauce. ( but my Lola’s sauce is still the best for me hehehe) The toppings were perfectly cooked as well. I liked it.

And to  img_20160902_122419prove that I really did….

<—————– see? LOL






I also tried their pichi-pichi that sells at 70 pesos for 12 pieces.  img_20160902_122650img_20160902_122731

Aside from the generous cheese topping, the texture was good for me. It’s not the Amber like texture that’s too soft. It has a little bite to it, which I prefer. The sweetness balances out with the saltiness of the cheese, which is really nice.

If you find yourself in the Lopez area in Paranaque city, check this place out. I would recommend it for a quick break from the city. It is located  at N. Lopez avenue, BF Homes Paranaque city.  You may contact them at 02 8469952.

Chef’s Verdict:  PASSED!

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