My older sister JB once told me to try substituting oatmeal for rice when making porridge. The thought at first was weird to me because I only know one way of preparing oatmeal (hot meal).  So I thought I’d try it. I just boiled oatmeal with ginger, salt, and pepper. Surprisingly it tasted just like the usual rice porridge that we prepare. From then on, I make my porridge with oatmeal.

I am currently on a liver cleanse that does not allow me to eat pretty much everything. Oatmeal is the recommended breakfast but I can’t have it with milk because the cleanse doesn’t allow dairy consumption. So, yes, oatmeal porridge it is. I went to the store to pick up some oatmeal, while I was there I noticed that Quaker has a new item.

.received_10155287373714488I was kinda happy to see this. I thought, “Hey, it’s becoming a thing now.” It sells for PHP 10+ per pack. But these two came free with my 800g pack oatmeal. It has Beef and Carrots flavor and Chicken and Mushroom. I wanted to give it a try and see how it fares out.

Preparation is pretty easy. Just add 3/4 cup of hot water, stir, and let sit for 2 minutes before consumption. When I opened the packs I was glad to see pieces of dehydrated carrots and meat. I’m very much curious how it would taste like and if it will be as good as my ginger porridge. 2016-09-24-14-52-352016-09-24-14-52-05

2016-09-24-14-52-43My neice, Nikki was curious of what I was doing, she kept following me around and watched as I prepared the instant oats caldo. And so I added some water and waited 2 minutes.

2016-09-24-14-56-14 The top one is the chicken and mushroom, bottom, beef and carrots. Now it’s time for the taste test. You shall find the verdict here:

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