APMK23’s Fire Noodle challenge!

Hi everyone! It’s been a while since my last and first ever blog… so I thought I’d share with you a challenge I recently did. Like, yesterday. Lol.

I did this challenge with my wife, Michelle Briones, who currently resides in Vallejo, CA. She was browsing thru YouTube and came across this bunch of videos about the e-mart Dare you! Habanero ramen, which happens to be the hottest instant noodles to date. She asked me to do the challenge with her and I gladly accepted. I went to one of my favorite Korean stores near my workplace and looked for this Habanero ramen. But, sadly they don’t have it. What they have is the Buldakk Bokkeumyon also known as the Fire Noodle. Named so because it will set your mouth on fire! img_20160921_105958

A lot of people have done the Fire Noodle Challenge as well, so we decided to tackle this one first. received_1270456566297975

We were pretty excited about it, but nervous at the same time because people were crying in the videos we’ve seen. Nevertheless, we were very eager to try it. We both love noodles and spicy food, so how bad can it be? Right?

 img_20160921_112219 received_1270466516296980

So we prepped our noodles and have our dairy drinks ready to help us thru the challenge. You can watch exactly what happened here:

I had fun doing it and was definitely challenged by it. So the Chef’s Verdict is: Passed!

This is our first ever challenge and we will be doing more in the coming days. I will share all of them with you =)

 And don’t forget to give our video a thumbs up =)  Thanks guys!

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