Travel: Family Trip to Disneyland and Las Vegas

2012 was our very first family trip and our first time to visit the USA as well. Reese, my dd (dear daughter) dsc_0464is only 1 year and 2 months old then. 😉 so the 16 hours flight from Dubai to San Francisco then to Las Vegas is a bit of a challenge. No regrets though, as now I can tell her the stories of her very first plane ride. How she did not let us sleep ;-), how she stroll the airplane during the flight running here and there, making noises, talking to people, leaving so much mess with spilled milk and finally dozing off to la la land when we’re about to reach our destination. 😉 It was indeed a very memorable experience for us as new parents. 😉

Most of the people I know and who are parents too, believe that travelling with babies or toddlers is not a good idea as they said that the kids will not remember the trip anyway. I don’t agree though, as even if they don’t remember it, we as parents surely will. It maybe a struggle with little ones in tow but still, travelling as a family is more important for me than travelling just us as a couple and leaving our little one behind. I don’t think I can bear that feeling of both of us (me and hubby) spending the night away from our little one. Anyways, that’s my belief.

reese trying to approach donald duck 🙂

All children dream of visiting Disneyland, me and hubby of course wants the same. So finally, when we’re both settled and got extra budget for a trip, we decided
to book a vacation and tick off that item from our bucket list. Good thing, we did not had any difficulty applying for a US visa. We were lucky I think that the interviewer at the consulate knows that we only intend to travel and not hide / stay there lol. We got 10 years multiple entry visa, so that can give us time to plan and save up for our trips to different states.

First of course is Las Vegas, since we will be visiting my hubby’s aunt and LA for Disney/Universal. We’ve visited 4 other countries before the US, and the feeling of excitement stepping on a new soil is the same but more excited this time because it’s our first family trip.

Disneyland and Universal Studios, LA

The Happiest Place on Earth indeed! Our friend with her family (3 kids), accompanied us so it made the trip more fun. Though Reese is too young then, she’s very fond of Minnie Mouse so it was a perfect time. We did not get to take photos with most of the characters though because Reese is mostly in her buggy, sleeping or eating or crying. 😉dsc_0773

little reese sleeping while we enjoy It’s a small world! 😉

We stayed the whole day until the evening to watch the fireworks. It’s a moment captured with our very own eyes, saved forever in our memory bank. Our next trip when Reese is a bit older was already planned before we reached our hotel that night. 😉

Next day, we went to Universal Studios with my ex-BFF ;-), I haven’t seen her for decades and I’m really glad she spent time with us even just for a day. Hubby enjoyed Universal Studios so much because of the rides, but for me, it’s strolling around, people watching, taking photos and food tripping is what I enjoyed the most. 😉 I have fear of heights so I’m not really a fan of rides. I was forced to ride the KingKong and Transformers though. 😉 Never again! lol!

Las Vegas and Hollywood Walk of Fame

Our first trip here did not gave me a good first impression because I saw plenty of homeless people and men high indrugs and/or alcohol, begging on the street. But it’s a good experience as it made us realise how lucky and blessed we are. Some people thought that being in America is the best thing that can ever happen to them but I guess not for all. At that time, I appreciated everything we have and everything we are.







We did enjoyed of course strolling around, people watching, trying out foods that are then not available here in Dubai and most importantly, meeting friends and family that we have not seen for a very long time. My uncle travelled all the way from Florida just to meet us. 😉  and my high school friend whom i have not seen in more than a decade met us too. The casinos, the strip, the Bellagio, caesar’s palace, street performers, etc., all we used to see in movies only is now in front of our very own eyes. It also made me realised how good movie makers are, they can make a simple place look very extravagant in the screen. 😉 just like the Hollywood walk of fame! I didn’t realise we were there already as it doesn’t look like what I see in TV lol. It’s a very good and informative place to visit though, how I wish we had professional tour guide then to tell us more about the history of the place.

What I love in Vegas is the outlet mall. 😉 who wouldn’t right? and our visits to Walmart as well as our breakfast and snack at Sbarro while we were checked in at Bally’s lol!

The buffet of course is something one should not miss when in Vegas. 😉 The photo below is what’s inside my fortune cookie, just perfect at that time!


I’ve been to US thrice after this trip, and Reese visited Disney and Universal in LA again, 2 years after this. 😉

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