Inhale Love

I was face-to-face with a priest and asked him for guidance on my dilemma about loving God through my service.

The priest said to me: “That is when you feel service is burdensome, when you are ‘unaware’ that you are trying to out-love God.” He went on to explain that since God Himself is Love it is not only illogical, but also impossible, to be able to love ‘He who is Love’ more. What most people like me fail to realize is that God is not really seeking for me to love Him – not even a little, especially not more. I’ve heard from religious speakers that God put us here on earth to know Him, love Him, and serve Him. I realize now that is just the welcome joyful side-effect, the great reward, but not God’s purpose.

What God really wants is to love me… more. His love for me is unaffected by my service. There is really nothing I can do that will make God love me more or love me less. He loves me perfectly. Nothing I do will change that. He loves me, greatly, forever.

I must allow God to pour into my life all the love He is about. I tend to limit the love that flows in my life by acknowledging too little. Love is all around me. But like with air I only take in what I breathe in.

The priest said: “You know how the saints became saints? They breathed in more love than they could possibly have given-away in their lifetime.”

Whew! I gave the priest an impression that I understood everything he said. But really, it’s so profound, I still don’t know how to digest it.

Note to self: Inhale more love from this day forward – the joyful side-effects that include knowing Him, loving Him, and serving Him shall all spring forth from that.

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