MOMents: Why? Who? How?

Common questions I get from my little one is why? who made this and that? how? and sometimes, there are questions that I really have to research and think hard before I answer 😉 like, she asked me one time after our bed time prayer, why do we make the sign of the cross, and why do we touch our forehead first then chest, etc. etc. I know my teachers in RelEd and the sisters of St. Paul will be disappointed as I honestly couldn’t answer her properly. ;-( I had to immediately message my sister JB, who can explain it well in a way my little one will understand and will remind me what I was taught. ;-). Of course, I said sorry to Papa Jesus too. 😉

Today morning, while getting in the car, she asked me:

Reese: Mommy, who made the sun?
Me: God of course, baby.
Reese: Ok, then who made the wall and how did they made it? (sounds like she’s testing me!)

ok, not sure why such questions from sun to the wall? lol 😉

Me: Carpenters and anyone can make it if you know how.

Then, I told her the time when I used to help my dad mix cement, water, gravel and sand back in the Philippines. He used it to make stone footsteps for our backyard and I enjoyed using the heavy shovel trying to mix the cement. I remember writing on some too, while it is still wet  so that I can have a mark when it dries up. He also made us a brick wall without bricks. 😉 Paps is just really talented! 😉

While telling her, I’m pretty sure she’s imagining me (smaller) 😉 and her nono doing it. And then she told me how she wants to make one too and that she will draw my little pony there. 😉 I told her, nono will teach her when we visit Philippines again. But while here in Dubai, maybe I should buy a small pack of cement and create something out of it at home, hmmm?! Long weekend is coming, it’s the best time to experiment and keep the little one busy 😉

Things kids ask! Sometimes I don’t know from where they get all these questions.

Yep, she did asked me already how to make baby inside my tummy! 😉

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