MOMents: Survived 1st week in Y01

Well #hello #September! 😉 OMG! It’s ber months already, how time flies! We survived the first week in IMG_9676[1]year 01 class for my bagets, in other terms, grade 1. yiheee! So proud of her. There was no crying moments or I-don’t-want-to-go-to-school days. I guess us sleeping early and me preparing her snack/lunch through bento making is working. 😉 I’m still a newbie when it comes to this bento-baon thing, so for now, I only use my cookie cutters lol.

I was also happy that her school did not change or mix the students, so her classmates from FS2 (KG2) is still the same. It’s a good idea I think so that the little ones will not feel shy again or scared meeting new friends. Though I still see a few students having their moments in the morning and just don’t want to be away from their moms or dads. Good thing I don’t have any such issues with my bulilit. I guess she wants to be in school these days rather than bore herself inside the house or spend the whole day playing with her nanny; which is what happened during most of her summer vacation. 😉

When I was in grade 1 myself back in the Philippines, waaaaaaayy waaaaayy back, 😉 I remember carrying a very heavy bag, it’s an attaché case I think lol, full of books, notebooks, crayons, pencil case, water colors, etc. etc. etc.  Before school start, I’m always excited because it’s that time where we buy new stuff for school. Comparing to today and here in Dubai though, what I like with my reese’s school, is that books are kept in school so students do not need to carry heavy bags everyday. Even pencils, crayons, notebooks, etc. all are provided by the school which I guess is one reason why we pay a very expensive school fee ;-). But I think it’s part of having children. We really need to invest in good education for their future.

Now I need to prepare myself for more home-learning activities she’ll be needing to complete. School sent 1 already, and it’s to create a crest! jeez! Google help me! 😉

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