FoOdventure: Max’s Halo-Halo

Halu-Halo or Halo-Halo (in English, mixed together or mix-mix lol) is a popular Filipino dessert that is best eaten during summer – all because it’s made of shaved ice, evaporated milk and mixture of different Filipino sweets. It’s a must try when you’re in the Philippines or any Filipino restaurant worldwide that offers this.

One best thing when you’re in Dubai is that you get to eat whatever it is you crave for! For me, I don’t really miss any Filipino delicacies as there’s plenty around here in Dubai. Like Max’s restaurant, that is known for local house chicken and authentic Filipino cuisines. It’s cheap and yummy! 😉 I love everything on the menu from appetizers to dessert. And because it’s still summer here and super hooooot, we craved for halo-halo so we drove all the way from Mirdif to Al Ghurair just to have one at Max’s. 😉

IMG_8976[1]Compared to Chowking, I’d vote for Max’s halu-halo as it’s yummier and I think cheaper (not really sure!). But anyways, I think it’s more delicious and ingredients are fresher.

For one, the Ube Halaya is oh-so-good! I remember my grandmother’s ube halaya when I was eating this. The presentation and amount of sweets is not limited; one order is enough to be shared by two plus there’s ube macapuno and pinipig which I don’t think I found in the one offered by other Filipino restau here. Even if I really wanted to eat more rice partnered with the viand, kare-kare and daing na bangus, I had to spare a space in my tummy for this dessert! 😉

You definitely must try this out!

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