Red Ribbon’s Barbie Cake

August 28th, Sunday, when we had my niece’s 3rd birthday party at home. We ordered a Barbie cake from Red Ribbon for the celebration. It cost 2,5oo php. On the website it looked really nice being pink and all, with all the toppers and seeming layers.


When we got the cake, it looked fine but my critic eye started darting on specific details. I thought that for the price we paid for, it would have been nice if the topper was an actual 3D Barbie, not just a Barbie printed on a cardboard. How if I assembled the cake, the cylindrical thingy would be centered so more candy toppers can be placed around it, you know.. for the kids.

So the party went on until it is time to cut the cake. Apparently there is more styro than there is cake. My brother got all the toppers off the cake including the part where barbie stands (styro). So he started cutting the cake, but the knife won’t sink in, only to find out that the pink disc on top of the cake is also styro. That part had to be removed (ruining the face of the cake) before we can start cutting again. 14163592_10155197777669488_67663503_oInside is a very fluffy, almost dry, almost non choclatey taste of a sponge. It was chewy, not the melt-in-your-mouth kinda sponge (like how a sponge cake should really be). It came with several pieces of cupcakes that had the same consistency. I concluded that the purpose of the styro disc earlier is so that the entire structure will not collapse because the cake itself won’t be able to support the toppers. The pink buttercream icing was so bitter, it tasted of food coloring. It wasn’t yummy at all. The only thing the kids enjoyed are the sugar toppers.


I’m very sorry Red Ribbon, but I will not be recommending this cake to any of my friends.


The Chef’s verdict:

Money’s worth: Fail

Quality: Fail

Taste: Fail

Overall verdict: Fail





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