FoOdventure: Carluccio’s

My family has always been an early bird – well for me, only ever since I became a mom. 😉 and my daughter is normally off to lala land between 8:30 – 9:00 pm so she’s up by 7 am or latest 7:30 am. My hubs attends an early morning training or work out with his dragon boat team (A Team), so he’s up very early too.

One bonding moments we enjoy is over food 😉 so every weekend, we start our day with breakfast outside, mostly Friday mornings and Saturdays after our Church, (side note: Fridays and Saturdays are weekend here in UAE, well in all of the gulf countries i think).

Last weekend, we tried Carlucci0’s breakfast at Mirdif City Centre,  since it’s the closest to where we live and I still have my #entertainer voucher for their breakfast menu. (Another side note: Every year I buy entertainer voucher, it’s a buy 1 get 1 of main menu from almost all nice restau here. So worth it!). 


Location and Ambience
It’s a quaint Italian restaurant that we frequent too when we crave for pasta or pizza. I would say, one of our favourite especially for pizzas.;-) It’s kid friendly and a good choice for family/group meet-up over food.

They have plenty of branches. You’ll find them in all City Centre malls.

Their breakfast menu has plenty to choose from and since it’s our first time, it took us quite awhile. 😉 Once we placed our order, we were given breadsticks with a dip (i think it’s olives with butter) which I really liked and my little one loved the bread sticks (she’s a picky eater so I’m happy when she tried this!). Their breakfast comes with your choice of coffee and juice (not fresh though). I’m not a coffee lover but I like their coffee. 😉 Breakfast we had was that on the photo lol, eggs with sausage, mushroom and turkey bacon. Enough to give you energy for the day. Eggs are cooked just enough but for my taste, I add just a bit of salt and pepper. I’m not sure why but I did not finished what’s on my plate probably because I like the breadstick dip so much that I ate more than I should. 😉

Unlike other Italian restaurants that gives you a basket of bread, Carluccio’s only offers breadsticks.

Wallet Damage
Only paid AED 60.00  plus tip. 😉 So worth it to have an entertainer voucher if you reside here in Dubai and you love trying different restaurants. You will always get 2 for the price of 1. 😉

My rate for above breakfast is 7/10. We’ll probably try the others on the menu next time.


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