13876600_10155110352169488_5176808316964985974_nAnd so my blogventure begins! Hola! I am Alyx (AP) the youngest, most adorable sister among the four (ehem!)  I am taking on this new adventure with my beloved sisters who obviously wants more connection with me hehehe

But i am pretty excited about this blog coz i can get to share with other people things I am passionate about =) Food, music, teaching, writing, language, crafts, kitchen hacks, restaurant reviews… my sisters failed to mention my love of photography too. Ooohhh…. and animals! I find every creature just so amazing! (except for roaches! elk!) So readers will get to see pretty much everything about me.

I am currently working as a pastry chef in one of Manila’s 5 Star hotels. Everyday is busy and everyday is tiring, but I love what I do, so I’m not complaining =)

I will do my best to upload an entry every week =) I hope you guys will pick up something from my entries and share it with your sisters as well <3

So join me in my blogventure! it will be fun!!!!

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