No Losers

It is because we are created in the image and likeness of God who is Love that we are able to enter into a loving relationship freely. Such grace! And one of the most valuable loving relationships we could enter into is friendships. Some lasts a lifetime, some do not. It is sad when friendships end and lead us to ponder on whether it was truly a “real kind” of friendship to begin with…

I have the soul of a fighter and I believe in going the extra mile for the sake of friendships. But, relationships need to flow both ways and when it doesn’t, we need to be able to walk away. Times when we are taken advantaged of or whenever there is a conflict that grew to unavoidable proportions – it blocks the natural flow of love in that relationship. And because love is imbedded in our nature as living loving beings, when love doesn’t flow, it sucks the life out of us. Who wants that!?!

I’ve learned that relationships do not die a natural death. They are murdered. Murdered by pride, ego, selfishness, lies, deceit, un-forgiveness, insincerity, and all that ugly death traps. But these are still just tools, it is people who use them. And when our so-called friends use them on us, we know it is time to walk away. That decision to walk away some would call giving-up. However, in the greater scheme of things, it could simply mean choosing life (in the fullness of its meaning) – a better, more harmonious, peaceful one – with a little less drama. Sure it is an unfortunate choice to make, but the beauty of the challenges in friendships is that no one really loses; we all just either win or learn.

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