One Promise Guaranteed

I wish people would treat their promises as seriously as businesses deal with their contracts. Because that’s what promises are… promises. It is something that’s supposed to be fulfilled at all cost, no matter what. In fact it’s supposed to be treated more valuably because it’s not conditional like a business contract. It’s more than an agreement – it’s a pledge, it’s an oath, and it’s a vow.

If a breach occurs in a business contract, individuals and companies are somehow assured of protection from the law. But those who take on the word of a certain promise are only left disappointed, depressed, and frustrated when those promises are not met. They hold nothing to safeguard themselves from broken promises. How can this complicated karmic world be so even-handed and unfair at the same time?

Unfulfilled promises have the potential to single-handedly wipe out hope in the human spirit as fiercely as the asteroids wiped out the existence of dinosaurs when they rained on the earth ages ago. That’s how much injury it can cause. It is powerful.

And yet, promises, when done in the spirit of love, also have the power to convert wishes to dreams, dreams to certainty, and certainty to stronger faith. These are the kinds that can rescue a soul, preserve a life, or even recreate a nation.

Still, who can blame those who put all their hopefulness in the narrow box of a promise? We have a need to hold on to whatever promise because it is in our nature to grasp; for every now and then, when we’re drowning in our boundless human weaknesses we aspire to be rescued by that little something we hold on to.

Where else can we put our hope if not in that one absolute promise fixed on the cross? The only one that’s guaranteed!


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