Claiming A Fairytale

JBPZ-001Some say we may have to kiss a lot of frogs before we find our prince. I’m glad I never had the appetite for amphibians. I have always believed that it’s the finest parts of every fairytale that can happen in real life. And I’ve always believed they will happen in mine.

The younger me had envisioned a prince to be a knight in shining armor riding a gorgeous white steed who takes the journey to endure the blistering cold and scorching dessert to finally climb to the highest room of the tallest tower to deliver that most awaited true love’s kiss.

If there is one thing I like about all of my favorite fairytales it’s that the princess always ends up with the best. Plus you forget about how all the antagonists almost tried to steal the show when Disney ends the film with the most spectacular fireworks.

The filmmakers ensure the princesses happy ending the same way I know my Maker ensures mine. Even though I’m not a princess and my life is no fairytale I am deserving of the best – God’s best. That’s why I have always relied on my Maker for what happens next in the unfolding chapters of my love story.

I remember getting down on my knees, doing the sign of the cross, clutching both my hands to my chest to claim my fairytale. I had told God how I want to kiss only one set of lips in my lifetime and then I went on narrating the specifications for my very own customized prince. Though I know that God knows even before I ask, I still made sure I bugged Him about it every night.

It’s a pity how some act as though they do not want the best when it’s only a matter of claiming it. I often get asked for love advice and relationship tips which I don’t mind sharing, but God does not write generic love stories. He customizes each one of it. So I say, go to God and claim your own fairytale.

They say we outgrow fairytales as we grow older. As for me, I have all the more reason to hang on to the promise of fairytales because I married my especially customized answered prayer. I am blessed to have Love Himself as the author of my ongoing fairytale. I can be assured of more love not only now and forever but every single day in between.

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