His Eyes

JBPZ-005I always wonder what they see when they look at me. I remember how they gaze at me even more tenderly each passing day. I don’t know why I hear them say “I love you” when they’re not supposed to speak; how they comfort me without a touch; and how they know my thoughts when they can’t read my mind.

These eyes are not mine yet they make me see – light beyond the dark clouds, beauty in what’s ordinary, hope in every tomorrow, answers to so many questions, and meaning in everything.

These eyes do more than look – they discover. With every glance they learn more of me, more of my moods, my pettiness, my shortcomings, my childishness, my doubts, and my fears. And yet, the more they discover, the more they love.

These eyes do more than see – they believe – that there is beauty deep within, that the little girl has grown, that the future is worth looking forward to, and that love can grow stronger ever more.

When I look into these eyes I just see me, yet it reflects what I can be. These eyes smile at the very thought of me and yet at times I can’t stop it from crying. I cause tears to trickle down from these eyes, but every time they return with an even brighter smile.

These eyes are an extension of God’s unconditional love focused on me – finding what’s beautiful, believing what’s good, and reflecting what’s genuinely true. They forget the offenses and bear the sacrifice, for these eyes know no pain… they only know that they love. I am blessed.

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