What I Know For Sure

I was just silently observing when the cyber-world gleamed in rainbow colors one day. The US court ruled country-wide legalization of same sex marriage. It marked the day love won, at least some claimed. The others mourned it to be a death sentence to the institution of natural human family. Some were just probably riding with the popularity of the issue, but some I could tell were either unaffected or genuinely troubled by the matter. A lot of people resorted to the social media platform to express their reactions, voice their opinions and make their stand known. I wondered if they believed it would make a difference. I’ve read post after post from my Christian friends on the news feed on Facebook…

I do not intend to trivialize their efforts but I honestly found it amusing. It seemed to me as though they believed they were all coming together in God’s defense. My God does not need defending. He is the Almighty. The great Saint John Paul II pointed out that the God who created human nature is the same God who established the Church; the same God who outpoured the power of the Holy Spirit upon the Church and had said no other power will prevail against it; the very reason why we must ‘Fear not’. God, from the very beginning, has got this covered. He is victorious. That is why I never felt the need to defend my faith. I sensed the need to live it – and lovingly.

What the world needs is a change of heart. So I did not bother with words. I know the mouth speaks only to the ear; it is the heart that speaks to the heart. Only those who truly love would really listen. I noted to myself – love first, explain later. I kept still and untroubled about the issue. I have found peace in what I know to be true. I do not know how to explain how I know, but I know how this will end;  God will win and love will rule. It is written. It is unchangeable. And of this I am very sure.

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