Random Thought: LOYALTY at Work

I found myself adding so much applicants from my linked in profile one day. I guess news really spread like wildfire especially when it comes to a job vacancy eh?. 😉

So while adding and checking some CVs, I noticed that most of the applicants only stay in their company for like a year or two, then hop on to other job opportunities. I wonder why? Maybe because I stay in a company (I like working with) for 5 years or more; except of course if I like the company but then company decides to close its branch here lol (happened to me once!).

According to some articles I’ve read, staying in a company for a long time will give you these issues:

  1. Boredom
  2. Stagnant in Career Growth
  3. Slow salary/income increase
  4. No challenge

I’ve worked with one company for 5+ years and decided to leave because of all the items listed above. lol. Yep! I got bored, doing the same thing daily. No career growth as they keep hiring someone in higher position than me and that cause no increment and obviously no challenge, since no new responsibility/task to do.  But I stayed for 5+ years which some people say are long, all because of my loyalty to my boss. 😉

According to Wikipedia, Loyalty is devotion and faithfulness to a cause, country, group, or person. I was loyal to my boss for the below reasons:

  1. He was the first to trust in my capabilities when I was just new here in Dubai and have no much experience working in this country yet.
  2. He saved me from a very advantageous employer who doesn’t pay in time. 😉
  3. He mentored me on work, living in Dubai and even growing my career.
  4. He cares about his employees.
  5. He shares his blessings by doing engagement activities to our very small office (then).
  6. He allowed me to do things on my own so I will learn.
  7. He listened to employees suggestions/concerns and act on it.

However, as the company grows, many things changed and that lead me to finally deciding it’s time to move on.  The day came when I dragged myself out of bed to go to work. This is the point when I thought it’s time, as I’m no longer excited to go to work.

In my current company, I’ve been here for 7+ years! yep! that long and still counting. 😉 Have I ever felt bored? Sometimes. Felt that I have no career growth? There was a point that I did felt this. Felt too exhausted and underpaid? Hell yes! No challenge? NO! And that’s the reason why I’m still here. Not only am I loyal to my company because I learn a lot here and I like the people I work with, but also because there’s always a challenge. There’s always something new for me to do. I guess I really love what I’m doing and that adds up to the reason why I’m still here, though I sometimes think I can get paid more than what I’m getting now if I apply somewhere else. But then, that is not my driving force. It should not be all about ‘money’ on why we work or why we stay in one company, for me it should be your passion in what you do. I’ve had days of “it’s time to quit!” “I’m so tired” but I’m still here because of the bosses and colleagues that I had/have who guided, support and motivates me. Recognizing through monetary reward is good but sincere recognition is more important to me. In my line of work, I deal with employees. And when I get an email or verbal appreciation, I get motivated. At the end of the day, I feel I have accomplished something when someone says “thank you” or I “appreciate your help”.

I had worst days too especially during an economic crisis, but it’s the same time that I get motivated more because of the challenges I face and overcome. I meet with ex-employees and they always want to come back here, not only because of salary but because how the company as a whole treat their employees with respect.

So will I stay here for more years? Probably yes. Until there’s challenge, a good boss to mentor me and believes in my abilities, until I don’t feel dragging myself to work and until they want me to stay. 😉

I love my job. I love HR. I love people. I love coaching, mentoring and sharing my knowledge. My goal is to be able to coach more people especially newbies in the corporate world!

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