The Charity Plan

Please don’t change me.” That was my thought when a man asked me “do you have some spare change by any chance?”

My mom raised us to be generous. But you see for generosity to thrive there should be trust. And because there are, unfortunately, people in the planet who exploit the cheerful givers, trust in humanity in general is perishing little by little. Those exploiters unconsciously turn the cheerful givers into doubters. The once charitable become tight-fisted. With how our society is these days it seems like it’s just waiting to happen to me. Could this be the day? Could this be the man that will change me?

It’s odd that I even wondered if I could trust him. He is a stranger, that should have been a given. Deep down I wanted him to know that the money I gave him is neither spare nor extra. If I have no use for it then somebody with a real need does. Hopefully it’s him, but I won’t really know that.

What I know is that only I should be able to change me. My mom once told me “when you give do not overthink it, you must give from the heart not from the mind.” I guess it doesn’t matter whether or not I know if this guy is being honest, God knows. How one person treats me should not affect how I deal with everybody else. So what if this one guy is being untruthful? It doesn’t mean that all those who ask for help lie about it. There will be those who will have a real need for what I can give.

I decided I would only earn the right to be uncharitable the moment God stops being charitable to me. I think that’s a good plan because that will never ever happen. God has always blessed me with plenty, which means that in response, if I am truly grateful then my heart must always be willing…

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