Shopping: Fruits and Vegetable Market

FVWent on a different kind of shopping last weekend with my office mate. 😉 It was my first trip to the Fruit and Vegetable market here in Ras Al Khor or in fact, on any of the fruits and vegetable market here in Dubai. 😉

I think it’s a wholesale market where some local supermarket owners also buy produce to re-sell. The price is really really cheap. Above photo only cost me AED 45.00/-. Me and my officemate bought and divided everything in half since we both have small family so a kilo of potato or tomato is too much for us. In the picture (my share) you’ll see a pack of grapes, black cherries and lychees, some potato, carrots, tomato, cayenne, zucchini and orange. 😉 That itself is also too much for my weekly supply to feed a family of 3, so I gave my mom some of the fruits.

The only minus points is that you don’t get to choose since it’s packed already so some of the fruits are either too ripe or rotten. But I would still recommend this trip especially if you’re planning to cook for a large group, a party or if you have catering business, restaurant or small grocery store owner.

We went there during our lunch so imagine the heat at that time! We were sweating like crazy, but once you’re there, you’ll feel guilty to complain! All the shop owners/attendants are there full day attending to customers not minding the super hot weather, all for the purpose of earning and completing their quota for the day.

It would be good to stroll around the place but our time was limited AND, I hate sweating! 😉 Maybe during the cooler weather, I’ll make a trip there again and spend more time strolling around. For sure we’ll find more options/better offer (we only went to one stall) from other stalls.

If only I can buy from here and send all the way to Philippines ;-), that will make my dad happy there! 😉

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