I’m Not Sorry I’m Awake

Some people like me some people don’t. That’s the norm. It’s fine.

The biggest mistake I think I could make would be to spend my entire life trying to please everybody. So I don’t even try. In fact, what people don’t know about me is I enjoy it when I am around people who dislike me. I really, really, really do.

Some people in my case would probably consciously avoid being in the same company as their haters. I don’t. Where’s the fun in that? As a matter of fact, I am extra motivated to attend events that I know my haters too will attend. Sorry for them, I’m coming! I enjoy the feeling of being in a room knowing that there are people who don’t want me to be there. What do I do? I make my presence felt even more. I make sure they see more of my face and hear more of my voice. I am mean that way. I’ve got to have more fun than they do.

It gives me something to laugh about as soon as I wake. It’s as if I can hear a panic warning that goes “She’s awake, run for your lives!” Hahaha! I’m sorry they had to run for their lives but I’m not sorry I’m awake.

In actual fact, there are people who are threatened by my gifts. I am bold. I am outspoken. I am unafraid. They have to understand that I can’t help being me. What people think about me is not my problem, it’s theirs. They may never like me and I’m cool with that. But I will not play the avoiding game. If they do not avoid me themselves, then, whether or not they like it, they will get used to me.

They are unaware that their hate gives me so much power. Imagine just my existence can ruin their entire day. So I decided I will add in my close proximity presence as an “added extra” to that already powerful existence. I will have all the fun for as long as they let me have it this way. The hate is one-side. They pour it all on me. I, on the other hand, just want them to realize that I have just as much right to be in this planet as they do. I simply refuse to be bullied! So I will have fun for as long as they let me have it. Enthusiasm can protect me from anything!

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