FoOdventure: Kitchen 6

We didn’t plan well our 9th wedding anniv and made last minute reservation for dinner. 😉 It fell during Ramadan and we’re both busy with work (lame excuse!). So anyway, I’ve heard about Kitchen6 and read a lot of reviews online so I decided to try this restau. Good thing they have Iftar package of AED 195 per person which I think is not bad at all.

It was in J.W. Mariott Marquis, a quite new hotel in Dubai. The hotel itself is nice, quite busy during that time probably because during Ramadan in Dubai, restaurants tend to get full by people who opt to break their fast with friends and family at a nice restaurant.

We were welcomed at the restaurant reception and were lead to our table. My thoughts:

A bit crowded. Tables/Chairs were plenty which made the place feel tight. Maybe, this is because of Ramadan time were plenty of guests are expected for Iftar. There were however tables with couches that is good for group.

Dim light which is perfect for couple date nights to add a romantic touch but that time, there were plenty of children (mine included) 😉

Yummy. There’s like 6 food stations, probably why the name – Kitchen 6. 😉 Of course, I kept coming back to the Japanese and Dim Sum area. They also have a separate station for hot beverages which I thought is really nice as other buffet restau does not include hot beverage on the package.

The dessert station is ok, not as much as in Atlantis of course but they do have good choices for ice creams, choco fountain and cakes for those with sweet tooth.

We were seated a bit close to one of the food station so it’s a bit uncomfy when people pass by our sides.

IMG_7597Because it was our anniv, we were given complimentary cake. It should’ve been nice if we were able to box this since we’re already sooo full and there’s cakes on the dessert station anyway. But the crew said it’s not allowed so we just left it there for them to do whatever, throw or eat, I don’t know.

Children below 6 years old eats free.
Wallet Damage
AED 195/person – this was during their Iftar. Should be different now for lunch or dinner theme nights.

It’s not that far (from Mirdif). It only took us awhile as we made a mistake and didn’t really followed our GPS. 😉

I do recommend this for foodventurers like me. I will surely come back and this time use my entertainer voucher 😉

My rate: 8/10

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