FoOdventure: Denny’s

I was really excited when I heard that Denny’s is now open here in Dubai. I first tried it when we were in LA, the branch just close to Disneyland 😉 I love the diner look of it and of course their very delicious breakfast. It took awhile though before we tried the branch here in Dubai as the location is far from our home. But one lazy Friday, we decided to have breakfast out, so we drove to Sheikh Zayed branch of Denny’s. We opted there rather than the one in Al Ghurair since we’re going to MOE afterwards anyway.

Location and Ambience
A bit far but I love the location. It’s beside Jones the Grocer, Olive Garden, etc. I’m sure this food area will be pack come winter time. We reached about half past ten in the morning and the diner is already full! Again, there’s another branch in Al Ghurair Mall.

There’s a small play area which I wished was indoor so kids can play even at this time when it’s unbearable to stay outside.

Food is really delish and warning! serving is huge. One order can actually be shared by two, THAT IS, if you want to! 😉
IMG_8887[1]    IMG_8878[1]    IMG_8888[1]   IMG_8881[1]

That one full plate is just ‘mine’. Hubby ordered the same with additional pancake which is really delicious! 😉 You get to choose the type of bread you like and it’s served toasted with a little spread of butter.

The egg is cooked perfectly (not too soft, not too hard). Bacon though it’s beef tastes really good. Hash brown is crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside ;). The pancake taste sorta like a waffle, we love it!

If you have entertainer voucher, then you get one meal for free (buy 1 get 1). 😉

Wallet Damage
It’s actually affordable! Compared to MO’s or Carluccios, I think their breakfast is really affordable. A meal for one person plus coffee maybe around AED 50/-. Because I have entertainer voucher, we only paid AED 68/- for two full breakfast, a cup of coffee (refillable I think) plus a bottle of water. Really cheap!

I will surely visit Denny’s again, maybe try lunch, snack or dinner. 😉 I saw some yummy looking chocolate shake on the menu. 😉

My rate: 9/10

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