Because I Can

Rush hour! The ultimate test of patience in the life of a modern man! I observe people express their protest in the form of a whine, a murmur, or a groan, among others. I told myself I must not complain. I have no right to. My view is that complaining is not a right, complaints are just moments of ungratefulness.

There will be that one day when God will wake us up to the things we are not paying attention to, the gifts we take for granted. And when we awake to that day we would wish we could turn back the time and realize we couldn’t.

I squeeze myself into the already crowded train. I decided I will not complain that there is no place for me to sit. I will stand because I can. In times like these I keep in mind my cousin who has dealt with being immobilized by Polio from birth, what she would give to experience the feel of standing in the middle of a crowded train.

I will not complain about Mrs. Birdy Big Bags who lets her cargo occupy seats intended for humans. I will not complain about Mr. Funky Ferret who, for lack of a better term, stinks. I will not complain about the Teenage Disco Dog who volunteers to let those who don’t want to, hear the music through his headphones. I will not complain about Ms. Chatty Chihuahua who rants on the phone about everything unimportant. I will not complain about the Hungry Hamster who hasn’t still realized that moving vehicles and dining shouldn’t mix. I will not complain about the Crowding Kitty who seems to have the superhuman ability to occupy two seats. I will not complain just because I can.

I realized if I spent too much time thinking of how others need to change I will always be unhappy. People are imperfect, they are bound to disappoint. But they are undeniably beautiful too. If I focus on the beauty, I will always see it. I will see it in them, and then I will see it in myself.

I will focus on my gifts – that I can stand and hold and hear and see and smell and taste and speak. I will focus on the fact that modern transport is available to me. I will focus on the reality that I have a job and home I could travel to.

I will not wait for the day God will wake me up to the gifts I’m not paying attention to. I will focus on what is beautiful now, because I can, because God still lets me.


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