A Time No Great Love Can Defy

I’ve been looking at this tree in front of me, particularly staring at one golden yellow leaf outstanding in a bunch of other fresh greens. I know what will happen to it next. In just a matter of time, it will wither, dry up and fall.

Botanists would describe this as part of the normal life pattern of a tree. Old leaves have to go and as trees branch out a new leaf will grow. I wonder how the tree must feel like. To me, the unaffected outsider, it is just an ordinary botanical process. But Mr. Tree has life and to him this thing that is so ordinary to me may just be – personal.

If Mr. Tree has eyes, I would see tears flow for every single leaf that falls. If he has hands, he would hold on to every single leaf as securely as possible. If he has lips, he would greet each and every leaf with a feather light kiss each waking morning. And if he has arms, he would clutch each and every single leaf to a tight embrace. If only he could, he would.

But Mr. Tree couldn’t, even with all his strength and might he couldn’t. He could raise his leafy arms to the heavens to pray and beg for Mother Nature to have him keep all the leaves he loved so dearly. Mr. Tree could wail and scream and weep for the imminent separation from every leaf the same way we moan and cry and whimper for every dear one we lose in life. The heavens will listen, but that’s all Mother Nature could do, listen and let things happen the way they should.

Mr. Tree has a better understanding and acceptance of such circumstances more than I do. Mr. Tree treasures each and every moment he could spend with his precious leaf but lets go when its time; a time no great love can defy.

A magical thing happens when dried withered leaves fall. A leaf detaches, decays, and eventually becomes part of the soil that will continue to nourish the tree as it grows, making it sturdier and much stronger. Mr. Tree knows his precious fallen leaf is there, inside him, now a part of his being. Loved-ones I no longer see are also just here, inside my heart, a part of my being. They are part of the memories that will nourish me as I branch out and grow to become a better, stronger, and wiser soul.

As the breeze continues to blow, I am one with Mr. Tree as he raises his leafy arms letting the golden yellow leaf fall. The time has come for things to happen the way they should, that time no great love can defy. I too must let go, but I will hold on too. Hold on to memories that are now a part of my being, forever inside me, in my heart where they will always belong…


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