God Looks Like A Beautiful Lady

JBPZ-009Sometimes God will intervene and decide to remain anonymous. I used to find that mysterious but not anymore. I am a firm believer that I love a God who is more in love with me. There is no chance that I will feel greatly loved and not attribute it to Him.

Cluelessness is the main element of a surprise. One weekend God made that point clear to me. I was convinced that I was attending a unit meeting. I didn’t know that I was about to walk into a party that my friends organized for me. It was a surprise bridal shower, an advance birthday celebration, and send-off party in one.

I looked around and God’s fingerprints were all over it. I have a confession to make. I didn’t want a bridal shower, I never liked my birthday celebrations, and I am not thrilled with send-off parties for me. But I don’t say NO to love, especially not to lots of it.

Obviously a lot of work was involved in putting the party together, a lot of time and a lot of love. Throughout the entire program I kept whispering consecutive thank you(s) to God in my heart. I looked at the girls that took part in the event and I told God “Lord, you really look like a beautiful lady today.” And I guess He was fine with that.

I was in touch with most of the girls who were there the entire week until that very day and no one gave away the surprise. In my head, I go back to the little details that led to that hour. I was really clueless even though I brought myself there.

It made me think of heaven. I’ve always said that my ultimate goal is to get to heaven, but I realize, I don’t really know much about it. I am clueless about heaven too! I’m thinking I know so little because God too doesn’t want to spoil the surprise. That makes me all the more fired up to make sure that my every step will bring me closer there.

Just like with that supposed unit meeting that turned out to be a bridal shower, I know that what awaits me in heaven is more love. And of course, a lot of other stuff I don’t yet know about. I am so fine with that!

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