In With The Old

Out with the old and in with the new. That has seemingly been the world’s standard even with friendships. But we should be able to make new friends without having to sacrifice old ones. In fact my motivation to continue to enter into new friendships is the hope that, in time, I could call them old friends.

Time itself is a gift, yet, it also is a giver. Time gives us old friends. It is a fact that we can’t make old friends. Time either gives that to us or not. Proven enough, if we invest some time into new friendships, then eventually, we will benefit from the blessing of having old friends. What we give to time, time gives back to us.

There’s such a thing as a connection between strangers who just happen to have common memories with common people and it ends there. And then there’s the kind that just grows better through the years and both your hearts are certain that you are indeed bonded even when you’re not always in touch.

I just recently returned from several trips of many miles to visit old friends in different parts of the globe. There is a certain level of comfort that an old familiar face brings to me. Through the ups and downs and needing a break from the turmoil of adult life I realize that talking to an old friend is the only therapy I need. Having someone to laugh with and cry to without needing to explain myself in too much detail is priceless.

Ah memories! We should treat them like old friends; we need to visit them from time to time. I agree that old friends are treasures. To me they too are personal historians that have kept memoirs narrated in a version that is uniquely their own. And when told in sentences that begin with ‘remember when’, oh boy, expect lots of laughter tears. It’s like unpacking stupid things we did together that time now had converted into punchlines.

Even when in catching up I am made aware of how much our lives have changed I realize there is still that fiber in our beings that wish things had remained the same. Yet even when our lives have changed we will always have our memories. And what has been written in time, time cannot erase. It will always be available for the reminiscing.

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