Discovering The Maker

I received a contract and royalties schedule from the publishing company that is seeking to have my work marketed. They stressed on the importance of having my original compositions protected. I should be flattered but I shudder at the thought. I wouldn’t have been able to create those if the Holy Spirit didn’t enable me. It’s not mine. In fact, I know all too well what I produce when the Holy Spirit is not in the equation. Just goo and gunk and junk and nothing good.

I believe nothing is original; there are no original stories or original masterpieces. People just draw from what God has created and what God has made happen. If we are to give credit to whom credit is due then we will attribute to God all the output produced from our creativity. All of those are His because we are His.

Whenever archaeologists pull out what they call “a great find” from their methodical and systematic digging of trenches, isn’t that what they really discover? The discovery doesn’t end with the find; it leads them to knowing more of the maker. The seemingly unimportant broken pottery from an age long gone suddenly becomes important for what it can reveal about the lives of the ancient culture that created it. Why it was made, what it was used for, and the circumstances surrounding its mystical ending deep in the dirt. It was never about the creation, it has always been about the maker, his views and ways.

Much of everything else in life is the same. Our thoughts and actions make sense when we attribute it to the purposes of the maker. That’s why we always seek, because we know there is something out there greater than ourselves. We seek for knowledge, and understanding, and reasons. We seek for resources and ways and means. We seek to move forward by understanding the past because deep in our beings we know that there is always a purpose to everything and that ‘right now’ is not all there is. There is tomorrow. And there will be something purposeful in that tomorrow and the next. There will always be something because there is an Eternal Somebody. And once our ordained stay has passed, those who inhabit the then new present will look to dig once more and seek to understand more of us.

That is what’s bound to happen. Our race will keep digging deep and will eventually discover more of the maker. We will always desire to seek, and we will always be led, because we have always been called.

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