No Ordinary Frappe

I walked in hurriedly trying to get out of the freezing winter breeze. ‘Coffee?’ was the one word text message invite that brought me to the café. My friend knows I’m not a telephone person. I don’t call, at all… unless I get a voicemail message specifically asking me to return a call. But if friends ask to meet up, such as this instance, I’ll make every effort to show up. Even in this crazy weather, even when I have no sleep, eat, or shower, I’m there!

What can I get you today?’ the gracious barista asked. I got a regular Black Coffee off the menu board and my ordering was done in seconds. My friend, however, took longer with a customized Frappe. I forgot she used to work at one of these coffee shops. The barista, I could tell, was both impressed and annoyed at the overly specific order. A shot of this, a dash of that, non-fat this, sugar-free that, no whip, blah blah blah…

I asked my friend if she always makes complex orders like that. ‘No. Only when the barista is cute and I want to talk to him longer’ she replied with a girly devilish grin. To my opinion, that’s a very valid reason! Our conversation turned serious over my simple coffee and her complex frappe. From a small chat about the weather we love to hate to a whispering discussion on life and everything in it.

Every sip of my coffee was like a moment of epiphany. I had an insight about how the way my friend and I ordered our coffee is similar to how we humans perceive each of our reality. We either choose off-the-board or create something entirely our own. There is the option of available truth, beauty, and love in our world and there’s the kind we can create.

Are my beliefs, ideals, principles, and practices my own signature or patterned after someone else’s brand? I need to be enlightened that I don’t always have to choose off-the-board. Love need not be like a thief that comes in the night. The truth doesn’t always have to hurt. Surely there must be a better policy than honesty. Happiness may just come find us instead of us always searching. Recently I learned, I don’t have to follow my heart because it’s best to lead it.

My friend and I compared our bucket lists. It borders on two things only. Living and loving. There’s no surprise there! Our deepest desires are shaped in the heart of God. We were gifted with life with the intention that we learn to really live and really love… and to bear in mind that – Life need not be an ordinary frappe!

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