Mina of God

JBPZ-007If you ask me to show you a woman-of-God I will point you to Mina Baluyot. It’s true what they say that in the ministry of Christ, God does not place brand new instruments. Instead, He picks the broken to fix them, and then use them in wondrous ways. Mina is such an instrument.

I met her in 2009 at a park while she’s promoting a benefit walk for the poor. And frankly, ever since, that’s all I’ve witnessed her do – work for the poor. She has grown beyond the boundaries of a structured community life to answer to a greater call of being a missionary to all, going where God leads, doing what God asks. What I appreciate about her desire to help struggling people is she presents this to be a privilege of being an answer to somebody’s prayers. She would always emphasize on how it is such a joy to be a channel of God’s blessings.

Sometimes I watch her fight battles with herself. Of course she wins every time. She probably doesn’t realize she enjoys the struggle. I believe this to be true because even when she has struggles of her own she still goes out of her way to attend to another person in difficulty. She is memorable to many people. And she will be memorable to many more. People never forget who was there for them when no one else was. And she had been there for so many, myself included, in our most trying times.

She has selflessly given her time, talent, and treasure to make God’s love be felt by others through her caring ways. She is outstanding not only as a woman but as a Christian. She has set a good example not only by actively involving herself in many good causes, but more so by pioneering some of them. She has manifested Christian values by the way she lives her life, always simple and continuously grateful. She is one among the few who continues to make God look upon the Earth with a smile.

From a past she has learned so much from, she now embodies a satisfied Christian who firmly believes that God alone is enough. Her active participation in the Sacraments has led her to grow tremendously in her relationship with the Lord. She never hesitates to narrate events in her life, sharing lessons learned courageously, testifying to how God has delivered her from each adversity. In doing so she inspires more people to be overcomers too. She is unique in being able to evangelize without actually sounding preachy. She is a woman who has praises for God always ready on her lips and talks about God, very evidently, as an especially close friend.

When I asked what her strongest beliefs are, she said, “First, that peace on earth is attainable. Second, that the time every corner of the world will know and worship only Christ will come.” I was teary eyed. It’s not only what she had said that moved me, but the way she said it with so much certainty. She’s rare…

I find great pleasure in this opportunity to honor her, my sister and dear friend. I consider myself blessed to have the friendship of someone transformed by the Lord. Mina is able to manifest how wonderfully God worked in her life, thereby inspiring people, such as myself, to desire for the same God to work in our lives too.

Thru her life, God is truly praised. And this I say without a doubt… that if there will be a million more MINAs, there will be more caring and more sharing, and this world will definitely be a better place.

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